solar energy installations

produce your own electricity and consume the energy that you generate yourself, in this case, with the help of the sun, thanks to photovoltaic solar panels.

By adding yourself to self-consumption, you will be the owner of your own photovoltaic installation, you will control your production, consumption and savings. And by remaining connected to the network, you can buy the energy you need more. Photovoltaic technology is more than tested, it is legal, viable and 100% renewable.

We all know that the prices of electricity go up daily and as is logical before these increases each individual is looking for solutions, the most effective of course is solar self-consumption since we will be obtaining great savings added to a rapid amortization of the installation.

This way of self-consuming what you produce is the simplest there is since thanks to the solar panels you would be taking energy from the sun (depending on the power and the amount of the panels, you will get more or less power).