The grounding is a safety mechanism that is part of the electrical installations and that consists of conducting any deviations of the current to the ground, preventing the user from coming into contact with electricity.  

That's why a good ground is so important in our homes or businesses.

Avoiding the risk of electrocution and increase the level of security of our installation.

We are one of the few companies of which possess a tool that serves for the union of the copper conductor with the metallic afternoon of the structure of the building.


Aluminothermic welding is a process in which, thanks to the reaction caused by the reduction of copper oxide by aluminum, a durable union of two metallic elements (copper-copper or copper-steel) is obtained.

The reaction takes place in a graphite mold in which previously the elements to be welded and the necessary load have been introduced. Giving place to a durable, compact and homogeneous union between the elements. The conductivity of the connection by welding, is equal to or greater than the two joined conductors.

The connection is resistant to overloads or currents. After this procedure we will do the checks with our ground meter to certify that the value of the land is the ideal one.  

Would you leave your installation without this protection?