Community maintenance

The maintenance of communities is essential if we want to preserve and prolong the life of the farm in the best possible conditions. Therefore it is necessary to hire a professional company to carry out these tasks.

A maintenance company supposes some expenses to the community but it provides a saving of problems and of costs that in the long run and without this service of maintenance, could be reduced the coffers of the community, incurring in extra expenses due to the poor state of conservation of community.

In INSTANER we provide a solution to all these headaches. It is better a small expense and a good advice than a fault problems with the owners and a great investment for not having prevented before We work with numerous communities of neighbors and residential buildings which we have a maintenance and improvements in their facilities either by energetic or preventive improvements. We comply with our start and finish times of our facilities and we guarantee all our facilities.

Some of the Communities that trust us:

Balcón Heihgt

Edf Milenio

El capistrano village

Apartamentos el barrio

Edf los lirios

Apartamentos el sur

Verano Azul

Urb las gaviotas

Edf los Álamos

Edf Albaida I y II .

Comp. Toboso .

Comp Terrazas de Nerja .

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