Layout, Location, Stakeout, Architect, Plans, Marking, Pipes, Records,

This is one of the jobs that more turns have to give to make a good approach and distribution of the entire electrical installation.
It consists of locating all the furniture and the final distribution of furniture, beds, tables and other components that we are going to lodge in the house, seeing the perfect location of each of them and thus distributing the electrical installation so that in the future we will not have problems of lack of mechanisms or plugs.
Thanks to the plans made by the architects, it is very easy for us to get a final idea of the whole distribution, being a great help and being a fundamental part in the whole process of the installation.
We must advise our clients as much as possible, dedicating them all the time and the intention they need, since they are difficult decisions.
They are the ones who will decide according to our advice and the type of installation and lighting they wish to have in each room.
Once the points and mechanisms are located, we move on to the layout of all the pipes so that the builder can make the rebolas and move on to the laying of the pipes and the register boxes.