Nerja employment office

Nerja employment office.

The employment office of Nerja is one of the points for the busiest unemployed people in Nerja. Thanks to these facilities in our municipality, it makes it much easier for us to complete the process without having to travel.

This installation was finished a few months ago and being a place with a lot of people, it needs a special anti-reflective lighting which allows us a perfect vision.
To achieve this effect, special anti-reflective LED panels from the Threeline brand were installed, which is one of the best in the country in terms of LED lighting.
The Panel chosen was:
Led Panel 40W under UGR High Quality.

We also install a super complex system of computer networks with a UTP CAT 6 A.
This cable is used for installations of great electronic information exchange
Structured cabling category 6A

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet over copper pair has been announced as the greatest technological revolution in networks since the birth of the Ethernet. The engineering dedicated to crossing the limits of the conventional should not be underestimated. The main brands with which Excel counts for their facilities have dedicated resources to develop 10 Gigabit solutions with the highest performance of the entire current market.

For all this we had to make a certification and certification of the computer networks attaching the quality sheets of all the materials that we use in the facilities.