For some time now we have been listening to the word "vintage". From "vintage style, vintage decoration, even vintage fashion".

But what does that definition really mean? Well, the vintage refers to any element that is already a few years old, that is, something old, and that has either been restored or has been preserved in perfect condition since it was created.

The vintage decoration has gradually gained more popularity among decorating fans, since not only has it allowed some pieces of our home that seemed out of place to be out of place, but many of them have managed to revalue, since that now the price of a restored vintage element can cost much more than a newly manufactured new one.

Vintage decoration is worth everything and one of the trends that has been treading with strength is the vintage lighting mixed with different styles in the rest of the furniture.

That is why, within lighting, we find that vintage lamps are the most original in the decoration of our home, and are valid to create environments both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Vintage lamps are very characteristic, which makes it easy to recognize this style at a glance.

We find different types of vintage lamps, such as those that are shaped like a cage or bars, or those that consist of a single bulb in the air, with the wiring and the interior of the bulb fully visible.

The lighting of this Vintage-style basement has given a spectacular result.

All the installation has been done in surface mounting with PVC pipes and only with some lampholders and some LED globe bulbs look at the spectacular results that we can create.

The tone of the lighting is 3000 K that gives a warmth to the environment so cold and industrial type that is the concrete making a perfect fusion of all the elements.

The game of heights and different sizes of light bulbs are key to give effects we can install wall sconces to give depth to the walls or highlight darker areas.