Carabeo Nº30-31 Led and RGB Lighting

C / CARABEO 30 - 31


After finishing our facilities, we carry out a verification test of the installation before the final delivery of the house, making sure that everything works correctly. In this case we have done a lighting test.

In this house the client decided to change the color of the lighting with a RGB light projector which is very easy to use and can give a variety of colors with a remote control.

This beautiful interior terrace changes completely and gains in beauty with this system which is very practical for celebrations parties or dinners being able to give an impressive staging of any event.

We have also accompanied it with some adjustable LED strips that surround the entire perimeter of the terrace, even installing another led strip on the step that serves as decoration and signaling element to avoid an accident.

With simple elements change the decoration of a place and make it cozy.